We are animators.


 Jess Purviance is the Owner and Lead Producer at Pilgrim Animation.  Since childhood, he has been making animated videos and just never stopped.   He has worked as a producer at several TV stations and production facilities over the years and even won an award.  Yay!  He has an awesome wife, Maria and three boys who enjoy watching his videos




Ryan Dawson is an Animator and Motion Graphic Artist and all around uber video nerd who has had a camera in his hand since age 4 (we have video proof). His creativity is fueled by his loves in life: his wonderful wife Amanda, K-State football and basketball, the Kansas City Royals, and just being awesome in general. After all – Ryan Dawson does awesome.



Jonathan Wilson is a Graphic Designer and Animator in Training.  He has been drawing since he was 4 and animating since April.  He is in the early stages of his creative career.  He is the rising star; the promising pupil in the company of seasoned veterans. Will he crumble under the immense pressures of the REAL world or will he emerge from the mantle a polished diamond of design. . . Only time will tell.


We create animated marketing videos that catch a visitor’s attention on your webpage, make sure your sales pitch makes sense, and increase the effectiveness of your marketing message.  If you need internal training content, we can do that too.  Why not make your business meetings a little more entertaining?  With an animated video, people will focus longer, retain more, and understand your message better.

We have worked with agencies, businesses, governments, and organizations across the country.  Please Contact Us today for a quote on your project.