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Jess Purviance

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?  Not this guy!

Founder, animator, director, producer, illustrator, copywriter, and much much more, Jess can do it all.  He has over a decade of experience in all kinds of media production, but animation is his favorite.  

"I get to tell stories and bring worlds to life.  It doesn't get much better than that."

Jess has a degree in Business and Audio Engineering.  He is always feeding his story-telling intuition with a deep interest in philosophy, theology and ancient myths.  He's traveled all over the world and wants to ride the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia someday.

"I like the idea of it.  To ride on a Russian train for a week through some of the coldest and barren places on earth, but maybe the reality is less enjoyable."

He is on the Animation Advisory Board at JCCC and volunteers at local schools.

he lives in Kansas City with his wife, three sons, two dogs, two birds, six fish and a billion plants.

Ryan Dawson

He's the local KC guy who ran away from home.   
Where did he and his wife Amanda go?  Logan, Utah.

And who can blame them?  The mountains, the fresh air, the abundance of large woodland creatures nibbling on your ears.

Ryan is a talented animator and designer who can muscle his way through a storyboard like a Clydesdale pulling a plow.  He's our tallest and fastest worker and you will never hear him complain, mostly because he's all the way over there in Utah.

He has a degree in Digital Film Making from the Art Institutes International and years of experience in the field.  He also has a fishing pole and one of those cool little fishing boats. 

"Animation is like fishing. You have to get up early, pick the right presentation, be patient and when the time is right set the hook"

If you need some tips on what lure to use, send him an email at He'll appreciate it.

Jonathan Wilson

If you think Jonathan is tough, wait till you can see what he does with a pen!

He draws...

...and animates!

...and it's more with a mouse than with a pen, but you get the idea... and the idea is that this guy is loaded with talent!  He is a former design student from JCCC, a former day care worker, and current full-time animator at Pilgrim Animation.  

"Clarity is the goal.  Animation is the medium."

That's a full-throated endorsement for the depth of work we've got going on here.

If he's not in the office he's probably out playing music with the boys or getting breakfast with his dad.  He likes breakfast and he likes his dad.  If you run into him online you'll know it, because it's headshots all day.  

He is a local KC creative and he supports many other artists, musicians and performers. Hit him up on Instagram right here to see what he is up to.


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