The El Paso Streetcar project was the third streetcar safety video project we worked on after Kansas City and Detroit. We were responsible for the campaign strategy, scripting, art direction and production. As with all streetcar video production, there is a lot of requirements and regulations to be aware of. The safety messages needed to be clear, delivered in both English and Spanish and the campaign had to be consistent and full of wonderful El Paso sights. Each video was set in a distinct location along the streetcar route and the characters were created to represent the demographics of the city. It is one of our favorite projects to date, due in large part to the excellent food we ate when visiting.

The El Paso Streetcar route also included some major changes to Stanton Street.  The changes included a new bike lane and new traffic signals.  We made a safety video specifically for these changes as part of the overall video campaign.

All of the videos were in English and Spanish. This is the Spanish version about the new signs, striping and signals along the streetcar route.

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