More than a hundred-thousand.  That's a lot of views for a video series about Medicare Supplement.   We like to think these are the best  videos on the topic and have helped many people educate themselves when choosing a Medicare supplement.

United Medicare Advisors sells supplemental insurance right here in Kansas City.  Medicare supplement is complicated and can be confusing for customers. We worked closely with UMA to develop a comprehensive explainer video series that educates viewers on the basics and answers the most common questions regarding Medicare supplement. They were used on their website, social media and email campaigns. The videos are still being used to this day and have hundreds of thousands of views. They are still some of the best explainer videos online about medicare supplement.

Each of the explainer videos contained a different theme that their target audience could relate to.  The following video had a golf theme for discussing the different enrollment periods for Medicare supplement.

We developed a style of characters that was unique and kept the pace upbeat. We distilled the message down to it's key elements to avoid long explanations.

A great topic for an explainer video is "frequently asked questions". Each of these questions were not complex enough to justify a 30 or 60 second explanation but were frequent enough to need some attention. The video below is a compilation of all of the short FAQ videos we produced. Eqach scene features custom illustrated character and motion graphics.

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Spring Venture Group had us shoot two videos. A recruitment video for Spring Venture Group and a marketing video for their child company United Medicare Advisors. We shot on location at their offices and around Kansas City. We scripted the story from a collection of interviews we did over a couple days. We brought a drone to get the KC skyline and to follow our protagonist to work.

United Medicare Advisors

This marketing video's goal was to give a face to the people on the other side of the phone. These days it's hard to know where in the world your phone call might go to. Kansas City is a great place to live, work and play.

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