Animating Social Media

Creating engaging social media content

You want the likes.
They want the likes.
We all want the likes.
Well, animation gets the likes.

Here are some examples of custom animated social media posts that I made for for Pilgrim Animation.  I try to post on a regular basis. Sometimes I will repurpose an animation from a completed project and other times I will make something completely new, like this silly toast animation. (It's a social media toast. Get it?)

With many of my posts, I find music that inspires me in some way and create an animation that fits it.  I edit the music and animation to make a seamless loop.  It's easy to sit and watch it through 5 or 6 times, because the music is good and the animation is interesting. Here are a few more examples.

As you can see, if you add some animation to your social media it stands out and people will watch it multiple times. Let me know if you need some animated content like this or if you have any questions about my process.
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  It even shapes how we analyze data.
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