Ryan Sleeper is the genius behind Playfair Data.  He approached us when he was about to launch because he wanted us to create videos, illustrations, visualizations, and other content for Playfair's website, presentations, and social media.

We kicked off with an animated video to explain what Playfair Data does.  The central figure behind the video is the kingfisher featured in Playfair Data’s logo shown above. Just as Playfair Data dives for data the kingfisher dives for fish.  The kingfisher has incredible sight, talent and ability to dive deep into the waters to gain valuable insights, just like Playfair Data.  From the start we knew we needed some striking visuals and well thought out scenes to make this metaphor work. We researched kingfishers, the data visualization process, and what businesses need from data visualizations. We are very proud of this video.

Also, we created illustrations and animations for Playfair branded presentations that featured fun stories, interesting data and informative visualizations.


Then there was this fun project to make a Star Wars themed ad for May the 4th.

Playfair Data's content has been viewed by thousands and thousands of people online and at their training events.  If you need branded content, please contact us.

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